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Developing Online Learning Lessons on the Art of Photography For Undergraduate Students

The purpose of the research was to construct and evaluate the efficiency of the online learning lessons on the art of photography in Technology of Photography course, using a Modular Object – Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) Software for blended online learning and determined learners satisfaction. The sample group was 35 second year undergraduate students, majoring in Innovation and Educational Technology. The equipment employed in the study were the following:1) online learning lessons on the art of photograph 2) learning achievement test 3) a survey form of students' satisfaction .The results of the study revealed the quality of online learning lessons, evaluated by the specialists was at a very high Level. The Effectiveness of the online learning lessons E1/E2 was 82.37/84.69, which higher than the criteria set at 80/80. The students' achievement scores in posttest were higher than in pretest with the statistically significance level of 0.05. The students were highly satisfied towards the lessons. In conclusion, the online learning lessons on the art of photography could be used in learning effectively. Keywords— Online Learning, Art of Photography, Innovation , Educational Technology, Undergraduate Students.