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The Impact of Personality Congruence between Brand and Influencer on Endorsement Effectiveness for Cosmetic Product

Despite the fact that many marketers from leading companies are jumping on the new celebrity endorsement bandwagon, only a few studies have been presented in the literature addressing new celebrities. However, few research has addressed the effectiveness of new celebrities on consumer brand engagement via social media. This debate results from the fact that marketers the world over spend millions of dollars each year to associate celebrities with their brands , in an effort to influence consumers' perceptions, attitudes, and intentions. Even though brand personality and celebrity endorsements have been researched to a great extent, to date the two streams of research have not been integrated in an attempt to further investigate brand-celebrity pairing. As a result, the present study proposes a new model of celebrity endorsement based on brand personality-celebrity endorser personality congruence. Thus, this research attempt to explore brand personality-celebrity endorser personality congruence via real data /text collected from those social media of brand and celebrity, and then based on the method of scaled directed text mining (SDTM) to estimate the score of personality of brand and celebrity. Further, we calculate the extent of congruence of brand personality-celebrity endorser personality, which used to be examined the impact on engagement of celebrity associated with brand. Keywords - Personality Congruence, Brand Personality, Internet Influencer, Endorsement Effectiveness