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The Impact of Fulfilling The Psychological Contract on Intellectual Capital An Applied Study on The Workers of The Suez Canal Authority, Egypt -

This study aims to measure the fulfillment of the psychological contract and its impact on intellectual capital in the Suez Canal Authority, where it has become important to evaluate intellectual capital, which represents the basis for maximizing the value of any organization at the present time and in light of the knowledge economy, where the relative importance of tangible assets has decreased in exchange for the growing importance The proportion of intangible assets, and the problem of the study is that most organizations are not aware of the value of the psychological contract as one of the most important influences in intellectual capital, and this can be improved and maximized the awareness of the organization by measuring the employees’ feeling of the extent of the employer’s fulfillment of the psychological contract effectively and periodically and keenness to improve practices The organization is to reduce the feeling of breach of the psychological contract, with the aim of maximizing intellectual capital. The Suez Canal Authority is one of the largest organizations affiliated with the public sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the most revenue of foreign currencies at the present time. The number of workers (with permanent contracts) is about 13 thousand employees, technicians and workers in While the temporary contracts (temporary contracts and the comprehensive bonus) amount to 4,400 with different jobs, the study will depend on the descriptive analytical approach and use the survey as a tool for collecting the required data, which analyzed through the SPSS 28 statistical analysis program and interpretation of the results to revealed the existence of significant psychological contract and on intellectual capital. Keywords - Psychological Contract, Intellectual Capital.