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The Study of Users’ Satisfaction of Grades-Checking System Based on Curriculum Academic Service Division Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

The purpose of The Study of Users’ Satisfaction of Grades-Checking System Based on Curriculum was 1) to study the satisfaction level among system users 2) to study the problems and obstacles occurred during using the system, and to find the solution. The study was conducted by collecting the data from before-and-after program using questionnaires. Sample groups of participants in this study were the soon-to-be graduates from bachelor degree who completed their study since 2014, selected by Quota Sampling method. 50% of graduates from each faculty were collected. Altogether, there were 1,207 participants completing the questionnaires. All data and statistics were analyzed by percentage, mean and standard deviation. The result from the study showed that most of the users were students who wanted to check their grades before graduation request. The service was available in form of online database ( From the result, users’ satisfaction reached the standard level. All 4 categories (Content and Information, Format and layout, Instruction and accessibility and Overall Picture) were scored in high satisfaction level. Extra material and manual booklet was clear and informative. From collecting the data, users’ satisfaction level had the mean of 4.31, and SD of 0.55, which indicated the highest score of satisfaction. From the score, we can see that the system is still credible. However, it needs to be constantly improved to benefit the students. Keywords— Satisfaction, Curriculum, Grades-Checking, Service Receiver.