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Simulation of 4-Leg Inverter based APF for PV based System with Effective Controller

Now a day’s due to increase in the power demand, generation has to be increased. Due to which the fossil fuels are using out which creates the pollution too. Hence we are using the Renewable energy sources which neither creates pollution problems nor energy conservation problems. Renewable energy resources (RES) are being increasingly connected in distribution systems utilizing power electronic converters. Among the Renewable energy resources most abundantly available throughout the earth is Sun radiation. In order to convert the solar radiation to Electrical energy we use PV Cell. Hence designed PV Cell is applied to the converter and given to the grid. Even many techniques proposed the Modeling and designing of the PV Cell and its interface to the grid, it suffers from many controlling problems due the Non linear characteristics of the Load. This paper presents a novel control strategy for achieving maximum benefits from these grid-interfacing inverters when installed in 3-phase 4-wire distribution systems. The inverter is controlled to perform as a multi-function device by incorporating active power filter functionality. The inverter can thus be utilized as: 1) power converter to inject power generated from RES to the grid, and 2) shunt APF to compensate current unbalance, load current harmonics, load reactive power demand and load neutral current. All of these functions may be accomplished either individually or simultaneously. With such a control, the combination of grid-interfacing inverter and the 3-phase 4-wire linear/non-linear unbalanced load at point of common coupling appears as balanced linear load to the grid. This new control concept is demonstrated with extensive MATLAB/Simulink simulation studies. Keywords - Active power filter, current control, four-leg converters, predictive control.