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Role of Empowering Leadership, Employee Self-esteem and Work Life Balance in boosting Employee’s Job Performance; mediated by Employee Motivation

The objective of this paper being to investigate the impact of empowering leadership, self-esteem and work life balance on job performance with employee motivation as a mediating variable. The unit of analysis being private and public bank employees of Rawalpindi / Islamabad and closed-ended questionnaire was the research instrument with a sample size of 150. Responses of questionnaires were analyzed through SPSS (20) and descriptive statistics were obtained, the Multiple Regression and Correlation Analysis were also carried on. The results indicated that work-life balance has a significant impact both on job performance and employee motivation and at the same time employee motivation strongly mediates between IV and the DV. However other variables have not shown significant impact on job performance. Finally, employee motivation mediates strongly between all the independent and dependent variables. Keywords - Job performance, self-esteem, banking, motivation, employee performance, work life balance