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Understanding Social Phenomena in the 21st Century

This paper starts with defining the term social phenomena and the differences that exist between social science and the natural science. Issues regarding the type of research method used for each are presented. This is followed by an explanation of the concept of language. The paper continues to discuss examples of research carried out by noted scientists and researchers in relation to the type of methods that are used, as well as the resources of information that are used in the 21st century. A comparison between the qualitative and quantitative method is illustrated, wherein the advantages and disadvantages of each are outlined. The issue of generalisation is also touched in the context of both methods. Finally, the methodological triangulation, which is a method of combining the qualitative and quantitative methods, is tackled, including its pitfalls, pros and cons, and its different theoretical approaches, namely ‘convergence’, ‘complimentarity’ and ‘dissonance’. Keywords - Qualitative, Quantitative, Social Research, Triangulation.