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Intellectual Capital and The Transport Sector: Is There Anything New?

The main purpose of this research is to find out if, in the (scarce) relevant literature, which relates the intellectual capital and the transport sector, land, air and sea, in general, there is something new in common that relates the 2 topics. The transport sector, always but, today, more than in the past, is extremely important, both for the mobility of citizens on a daily basis and for the purpose of transporting goods. That is, directly and/or indirectly, it is pertinent. The interference of intellectual capital, on the transport sector, potential and, in effective terms (in reality), can be important to enhance the referred sector. In the selected literature, due to its scarcity and lack of substance, with a scientific contribution, what was obtained, proved to be practically null. One of the explanations that may be in the base is the lack of information that can be worked on, based on primary data. These enable, in terms of potential, public policy decision-makers, more solid and far-reaching contributions. This, today, the year 2021, is something that is still waiting and if it is not based on the public entities themselves, the waiting time will be even longer. Keywords - Intellectual Capital, Transport Sector, Management, (In)tangible Assets