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Establishment of State Procurement System in Georgia And Certain Aspects of Its Operation (Espsgcao)

Public procurement sector plays an essential role in strategic development of fair and effective governance. Electronic public procurement is widely recognized as the means of development and prosperity of XXI century. E-procurement technologies are identified and promoted by the governments all over the world as a trend to change the style of their governance for the better. E-tenders are focused on partially automated programs, which can minimize the administrative costs for the buyers and the suppliers, as well as the overall budget transfer costs. Reduction of such costs is an important source of increased savings, leading to reduction of prices in e-commerce and, in turn, is an essential indicator of efficiency of modern electronic public procurement. Public procurement has the greatest impact on economy. They not only meet the requirements of the society, but are also widely used as a tool for fulfillment of macroeconomic tasks, for regulation of the economy, for the purpose of creation of new jobsites. Today, when promotion of private investment in global recession is very weak due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for state support is very high. The role of public procurement in getting the economy out of crisis is greatly increased. Generalization of public procurement processes, comparative analysis at the international level allows us to prepare the recommendations and, therefore, to improve the responsibility of the state authorities to fulfill the strategic objectives, as well as to improve savings in terms of public spending. This may lead to increase in competitiveness of the entire economic system, which indirectly affects certain components of a long-term growth and development potential of the country. Keywords - Economy, E-tenders, procurement.