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Perceptions of Applying Translation as a Method, Strategy, or Technique in Foreign Language Classrooms

The role of translation in English as a Foreign Language ( EFL) or English as a Second Language (ESL) classroom has been a controversial issue. Teachers of the bilingual approach suggest that the use of L1 in foreign classes help students to learn L2 more effectively, whereas supporters of the monolingual approach state that the use of the target language solely in L2 classroom facilitates the learning of the target language and helps the students' thinking as well as proficiency in L2. This paper discusses the extent to which teachers at Tlemcen university use Arabic in English classrooms. The study concludes that most teachers use translation as it is effective in some situations; mainly in clarifying some new vocabulary, discussing grammatical issues, teaching idiomatic expressions, explaining reading texts. Keywords - Translation in EFL, Teaching English, Foreign Language