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Proposed New Positioning and Omnichannel Strategy of Local Fragrance (Case Study: House of Medici)

Local product brands are growing rapidly and many new brands are emerging with quality that is competitive with foreign brands. This indicates that there is intense competition in the local cosmetic product industry. According to a consumer survey by Deloitte in 2018, it still shows that local products dominate the market. House of Medici is a fragrance brand from Indonesia that focuses on perfume products. House of Medici sees perfume is not just a fragrance product correlated with the sense of smell, but also can be felt with other senses such as taste and sight. House of Medici has been operating for 1 year and in the past three months their sales have not met the target of sales. This research method uses a qualitative approach and a descriptive survey method. Primary data was taken by conducting interviews with the owners and a questionnaire survey. Internal analysis uses STP (Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning) and 7 P's Marketing Mix. On the other hand, external analysis is carried out with PESTEL and competitor analysis. Furthermore, analyzed using SWOT. Value proposition canvas and omni channel strategy are used for strategy formulation. In order to increase sales from House of Medici, there are recommendation to implement a new marketing strategy with a perceptual map that describes the current condition of House of Medici with its competitors and an Online to Offline strategy that is connected to an omni channel strategy in order to build an integrated distribution platform and marketing channel. Keywords - Competitor Analysis, Local Brand, Marketing Strategy, Omnichannel, Online to Offline, Perceptual Map, Perfume