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Determinant of Microinsurance Demand (A Case Study of SMES in Jabodetabek)

Micro-insurance is one of the Micro Finance schemes in addition to micro saving and micro credit which is expected to provide an umbrella of protection in efforts to reduce poverty. Besides supply, demand are very important things to be analyzed in a market economy, including micro insurance products. This research use quantitative descriptive probit regression. This analysis of potential demand will later become very good and useful input for micro insurance service providers in product design, namely to make products that are attractive and answer customer needs, and the marketing aspect is to make marketing strategies for insurance products so that they are right on target and increase a good perception of the insurance product itself. It is also a good input for the government to educate the public on the importance of microinsurance and proper regulation for this. Keywords - Microinsurance, Demand, Poverty, Quantitative Descriptive, Analytic Network Process Method