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Increasing Calculation Accuracy in Positioning Object Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) Using The Time of Arrival (TOA) Alghoritm Method

The position’s object in the water cannot be detected using GPS because the satellites that have been used for GPS do have limitations in geographical problems, that cause them to not be used far at the bottom of the ocean. As an alternative, acoustic waves are used which are generated by the pinger which is placed on the ROV and received by the hydrophone on the surface. In order for the position to be detected correctly, an algorithm that can minimize errors is needed. One of them is the Time of Arrival (ToA) Algorithm Method by calculating a distance by utilizing the arrival time sent by the transmitter to the receiver and then multiplied by the speed of propagation. To increase the accuracy of determining the position of the underwater object, the JSN-SR04T sensor is also equipped with the display of the coordinates of the object in latitude and longitude by utilizing the google earth application. The research method used is an experimental methodology through the following stages: (1) Tool design; (2) Tool assembly; (3) Test the accuracy of the tool. (4) Analysis. Keywords - Acoustic Waves, Hydrophone, Pinger, Time of Arrival (ToA), Underwater Object Positioning