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Outcomes of a Gendered Approach in Integrated Water Resources Management

This paper attempts to integrate social and engineering sciences in the context of water resource management. It evaluates the effectiveness of a robust prototype for tackling the prevailing water crisis. Our study identifies women as critical stakeholders through a close analysis of two cases from different parts of the world. It explores how getting women actively involved in IWRM strategies has led to significant desired results and often solved critical issues. An in-depth literature study was carried out to extract secondary data from reports, research papers, theses, and other publications on the feminist approaches to water management. The article analyzes how gender mainstreaming is an essential aspect of conversations about IWRM and highlights the main sectors as the intersection of genders, the importance of adopting a gendered approach, and how to extract the most out of these benefits. Keywords - Dublin Principles, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Gender Mainstreaming, Women, Water