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Hydrophobic Property of Nano Coating A New Parameter in Forensic Research

Sometimes murder of a person or case of assault occurs inside a vehicle. The vehicle is also used by the criminals to transporting a dead body from scene of crime to some abandoned area to dispose it. In this type of cases criminal remove the blood stained seat cover generally made of rexine and throw it somewhere else to hide the involvement of the vehicle. During investigation sometimes the remnant of seat cover recover from the vehicle and the blood stained seat cover recovered at the instance of accuse are sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory to get opinion that these two samples are of same seat cover, to fix the involvement of the vehicle. Now a days research developed nano material based coating are available and are used to get specific properties like self cleaning, antibacterial, UV protective and many more. SiO2 nano particle based coating with hydrophobic property are used for coating on artificial leather/ rexine to get self cleaning property. During comparative examination of blood stained sample with unstained sample, blood stain create interference to the morphological as well as optical properties. To get rid of this problem, blood stain sample is cleaned with saline water during examination. In this study nano silica coated rexine samples were compared with samples of rexine without coating and discriminated using hydrophobic property of SiO2 nano particle. Further the effect of blood and saline water on hydrophobic property of nano coated rexine was also studied . Keywords - Forensics, Rexine, Nano Caoting, Hydrophobic, Saline Water.