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The Study of The Influence of Future Time Perspective and Visual Thinking Strategy on The Development of Creative Idea- The Role of Mental Representation

The implication of visual thinking into thematic instructional strategies has been an important issue in all levels of schools. This study intends to integrate three different strategies of visual thinking with future perspective into the new course module in order to promote the knowledge utilization of patent information and patent description. The first part is to employ a mind mapping strategy. We expend timeline forward and backward to discuss the trend and development of issues of daily life from future perspective through class group discussion, in doing so, the implication of conceptual map enables us to develop a creatively patentable idea and to link the up and low concepts; finally, the claim map of patent description has been achieved. Total 8 weeks courses help around 160 students to understand the main requirement of patentable technology in relevant creative development courses. With same teaching material and contents, such as three patent requirement and patent retrieval, we explore the difference between two groups of the creative self-efficacy and learning motivation and the knowledge utilization by an unbalanced quasi-experimental design. Experiment group will explore an instructional strategy with app-based visual thinking of future perspective. We expect to publish the instructional strategies by this research in order to expand the impact of research findings on the creativity of patentable ideas,and the implication of the project is also looking forward to enhance students’ the learning motivation and creative self-efficacy. Finally, we expect to apply it to workplace education and training to enhance the future time perspective and creativity of our employees, and to emphasize the characteristics of future time perspective of candidates in recruiting to identify creative talents to meet the highly competitive environment. Keywords - Creative Self-Efficacy, Future Perspective Mind Mapping, Mental Representation, Patent Claim, Visual Thinking Strategy, Training, Recruiting