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Pycnoporus Sanguineus Strain Xal932 Laccase Gene Characterization, Novel Prospective For Biotechnological Innovation

The fungus Pycnoporus sanguineus is well known because of their laccase enzymes, suitable for biofuel and bioremediation industries. Characterization of a gene of a native strain may show differences of biotechnological interest due to the to the adaptability of this specie to develop in many different environmental conditions. For this research the target gene was isolated and replicated using as a reference the FJ858751 sequence in GeneBank for the design of PCR primers, the fragment was linked to pCR2.1-TOPO and introduced in Escherichia coli for be cloned and the sequenced, the bioinformatic analysis shown that this gene has not been reported and the presence of an extra copper atom in comparison to the sequences in GeneBank for this fungus, that suggest a higher catalytic activity, suggesting to be a prospective for biotechnological innovation. Keywords - Bioethanol, Biofuel, Delignification, Genetic Transformation.