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Social Media Marketing Strategy Forworld Craft City of Mudmee (IKAT) Textiles Exhibition, Khon Kaen Province

Social media marketing communications is an important tool for reaching targets and monetizing for World Craft City of Mudmee (Ikat) Textiles, KhonKaen Province. Therefore, this article is aimed at analyzing the current situation and creating guidelines for online marketing communication for the cited fair. The strategies consisted of the 10 approaches as follows:1) Promoting marketing communications, 2) Integrating the online event information,3) Supporting the use of online social media communication tools, 4) Promoting access to online communities,5) Creating the organization of online information,6) Training and developing content writing skills for online marketing communications, 7) Coordinating to obtain the agencies' cooperation, 8) Updating information for marketing communications,9) Performing social media marketing communication control and assessment, and 10) Continuously stimulating social media marketing. The results of the study led to an action plan for the sustainable development of the dynamic online marketing communications for World Craft City of Mudmee (Ikat) Textiles Exhibition, KhonKaen Province. Keywords - Exhibitions, Social medial marketing, World Craft City of Mudmee (Ikat) Textiles, KhonKaen Province