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Video as a Powerful Marketing Tool for Attracting Tourists to a Tourist Destinationat a Global Level

Globalization has made communication faster, easier and generally, more advanced.One of the communication and promotion tools that has become popular a few years ago is video. It is a trend that is growing daily, and it has taken a leading role on social media and the Internet. Each tourism promotional video must attract attention, keep viewer watching it to the end, tell the story, and encourage the viewer to react, or to identify himself with the story so they want to experience it in live.The aim of this paper is to understand the impact of videoon the formation of the image of a tourist destination, and to investigate and determine the specific impact of tourist destination promotion through video on the tourist decision to visit a particular tourist destination. Therefore, the research question is to determine whether video, as a tool of tourism promotion can attract tourists to the tourist destination itself.Tourists attitudes toward the importance of videos as s tourist destination promotion tool was collected via online survey, by the use of Google Forms. In total 427 respondents participated in the survey. The data were analyzed by the use of descriptive statistics.The results show that video is important promotional tool that affects on a tourist destination choice, creates desire for travel, and encourage tourist to participate in tourism activity. Video can also create positive image of shown tourist destination. The research results can be useful for guidelines in the future development of the supply side of tourist destinations, in order to meet the needs of tourists, and boost destination image and promotional activities. Keywords - Tourist destination promotion, Promotion tools, Promotional video, Destination choice, Global market