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The Influence of Perceived Risk and Country Image on Customer Satisfaction: A Study of Foreign and Domestic Products

In recent years, the concept of brand image has become a significant area of research in marketing principles. The growing importance of this field indicates a need for greater collection of evidence. Moreover, important connections exist between products’ country of brand, country of manufacture and customer satisfaction. This study intends to provide a better understanding of the concepts country of brand image and country of manufacture image. It also aims to investigate the influences of country image and perceived risk on customer satisfaction. The study proceeds with a discussion of existing literature and later leads to building hypotheses. The research employs a quantitative approach using an experimental study to test the hypotheses. Product categories examined in this research were selected in a pilot test in order to verify different levels of perceived risk. This research thereby explores the importance of country image and analyzes different levels of country of brand image and country of manufacture image. The findings have crucial implications for the marketing field in understanding customer behavior. The key contribution is an explanation of the phenomenon of country image and its influences. This study also adds knowledge on the relationship between perceived risk and positive and negative country images. Keywords: Perceived Risk, Customer Satisfaction, Country Image, Country of Brand, Country of Manufacture