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Digital Government: Problems of National Development

This paper will outline the importance to Thailand's future of the adoption and improvement of digital management in government. With the advent of the AEC, Thailand will, essentially, be competing with other regional nations for skilled labor. Within this context, the adoption of a transparent and innovative system of digital government will help make Thailand a good place to work, and will help prepare skilled Thai laborers to compete on the AEC job market. These innovations carry a certain degree of risk, and limitations of government technology, stiff competition from the private sector, lack of coordination, and lack of technological literacy hold the potential to derail any such efforts. In order to succeed, Thailand will need to adopt a holistic strategy and attempt to reach benchmarks set by successful digital innovators such as Singapore and the United States. If these efforts are successful, Thailand has the potential to become a major regional hub for digital innovation and investment. Keywords- AEC, ASEAN, Digital Government, Digital Management.