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Cyber Security Attacks on Working from Home during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has caused new order around the globe. New working patterns have emanated from the new world order. This new pattern of working from home was alien to developing nations as people have been used to physical presence at their respective work places. However, many people are now working from home including organisational employees and as well as students and staff at different tertiary institutions in the developing world. Working online can be a weakness that hackers can capitalise to gain access to information especially if nor proper security measures are not put in place. Employees are becoming more prone to social engineering. In most cases no-technical means are used to get access to data from authorised people. How hackers can gain access to information through non-technical means is discussed in this article. Technical solutions to safeguard information technology assets has been at the forefront in securing IT assets, with little to no focus on social engineering. Auditing coupled with simulated phishing attacks should be done at least annually to confirm that employees as well as university students are aware of data protection as a way of enhancing security. Keywords - Social Engineering, Phishing, Ransomware