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Guidelines to Develop Core Competency of Spa and Health Business Employees in Ranong Province, Thailand

The objectives of this research were to develop the core competency of the employees of spa and health business and to assess the core competency of spa and health business in Ranong province, Thailand. The sample group included group of spa managers who were certified for standard quality of spa and health business, the group of 20 employees of spa and health business, and the group of customers of spa and health business. The non-probability sampling was utilized since the number of customers was undetermined. Multi-stage sampling was also utilized starting with six spa and health businesses and the researcher selected 10 samples from each spa and health business, 60 samples was obtained. The findings revealed that there were two parts of core competency. Part one consisted of three core competencies: service mind, team responsibility, and relationship, cooperation, and partnership. Part two consisted of three competencies: massage and treatment, health and safety, and others. Keywords- Competency, Employees, Spa and Health.