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How can we Integrate Technology with Lovely Services to Optimize Customer Satisfaction in the Restaurant Food Delivery Industry?

This research used a mixed study methodology to investigate customer satisfaction in the Restaurant food delivery industry. The research discovered that customer satisfaction depended on several factorssuch as timely delivery, great communication, reporting dissatisfactory issues at firsthand, care for customers through friendliness and delivering the right food to the customer. For best business practices, delivery drivers needed to call or send messages in advanced to report problems such as food spillage, delay at traffic, and long wait time at the restaurant.Delivery drivers needed to review order carefully before taking food out from the restaurant,Restaurant workers needed to also review food carefully before making a final package for delivery drivers. This research also discovered that excellent food packaging leads to customer satisfaction, coding of requested order helped in making it easy for identification. Distance covered, and time used were factors that determined a delivery driver pay, highly rated drivers got shorter wait time and earn more money as compared to low rated drivers. Highly rated restaurants got more customers and sustained their business growth. Keywords - Technology, Customers, Coding, Review, Delivery Satisfaction.