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Guidelines of Cooperation to Develop the Online Subpoena System for the Operation of Prison and Departments under the Ministry of Justice in Phuket

This research aims to be a guideline of cooperation to develop the online subpoena system for the operation of prison and departments under the Ministry of Justice in Phuket. To study the components of cooperation and guidelines for developing an online subpoena system. The qualitative research was conducted by 3 sets of interviewing. Using 2 types of data consist of primary data or in-depth interviews which are collected from the President of the Business Administration Program and Business Computer lecturer from Phuket Rajabhat University, the 2 participants of Phuket Provincial Authorities, and a professional academic on innovative strategies. The data collection technique was in-depth interviews. The results shown that, the development of an online subpoena system for the operation of prisons and departments under the Ministry of Justice can be achieved through cooperation among 4 departments. There are prisons, courts, police stations, and universities. Which rely the capability of system developers to collect and analyze data, increase operational efficiency as well as reduce redundant works. Therefore, increasing to develop information technology is necessary to operations. And, obtain the consistency with achieve objects of the government action plans and national strategies. Besides, the research found that, the essential factors to achieve develop the system are a systematic concept, changing, and management that responds to the needs of organization and emphasize the important of stakeholders. Keywords - Online subpoena system, Information technology management, Qualitative research, Systematic concept