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Strategies for Planning and Developing Human Resource Competencies of Outrigger Laguna Phuket Hotel Staff to Thailand 4.0 Transition

This study aimed at examining competencies factors, human resource planning, and strategies development of Outtrigger Laguna Phuket staff into Thailand 4.0 transition. A quantitative approach was employed in the study, and notions of competencies factors, strategies of human resource planning, Thailand 4.0 transition, and organization of learning development were conceptualized as a framework. A population of the study was 320 staff of the organization, and 174 were selected randomly employing probability and accidental sampling. A research tool used in collecting data was a questionnaire. The data obtained were analyzed with descriptive statistics, T-Test, Pearson’ s Product-Moment Coefficient, and synthesizing analysis. The study found that in overall competencies factors, human resource planning, and strategies development to Thailand 4.0 transition were in a high level. Regarding Pearson correlation efficiency of learning development and competencies factors, it was indicated that team learning and shared vision were in the highest levels. As a result, it was suggested that administrators should bring these research findings into a consideration of competencies factors particularly in motivating staff, strategies in human resource administration, adjustment to Thailand 4.0 transition, as well as assurance planning of working. Furthermore, the finding could be used in the learning of organization in terms of technology application of Outtrigger Laguna Phuket staff and applied in a risk management. Keywords - Competencies, Strategies for Planning, Thailand 4.0, Organization of Learning Development