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The Development of a Novel Method for Characterising Regularity of Meal Pattern

Background: Irregular meal patterns have been considered as a possible new risk factor for obesity and its consequences. The purpose of this study is to characterizethe regularity of meal pattern by using a novel method. A novel method of characterizing meal pattern regularity was developed and tested. An exploratory investigation of the relationship between meal pattern regularity and health outcomes was undertaken. Participants with a low ‘I-index’ value have a more regular pattern whilst subjects with a high ‘I-index’ value have a less regular pattern. It was found a negative association between meal pattern regularity and age, BMI, WC and HcA1c. Conclusion: Regularity of meal pattern is correlated with an increase in age. This novel method for characterising the regularity of meal pattern promises a new approach to investigate the association between regularity of meal pattern and obesity. Keywords - ‘Novel method’, ‘Regular meal pattern’,’ ‘Characterising regularity’, ‘Association’, ‘Obesity’ and ‘Cardiovascular disease’