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The Role of RCEP in Escalating the Success of Hainan Free Trade Port

It is a common view that China’s Belt and Road Initiative has been a monumental success. Free Trade Zone (FTZ), which serve as one of the most pivotal pillars of BRI is expected to accelerate the implementation of this initiative. As for now, China has 20 FTZs and 1 free trade port. The uniqueness of Hainan Free Trade Port is that it covered the entire province instead of part of the city or a province compared to other FTZs. However, there are some arguments arise as some researchers have viewed the Hainan FTP as an ambiguous plan and may unable to transform as its initial potential suggested. As such, this study aims to explore the potential of Hainan Free Trade port after the signing of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), between China, ASEAN and the rest of four countries. Keywords - Hainan Free Trade Port, China, RCEP