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Establishing Natural Language Processing Platform for Construction Projects

Technological developments have made the construction industry efficient. The aim of this re-search is to solve communication interaction problems to build a project management platform using the interactive concept of natural language processing technology. A comprehensive literature review and expert interviews associated with techniques dealing with natural languages suggests the proposed system containing the Progressive Scale Expansion Network (PSENet), Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (CRNN), and Bi-directional Recurrent Neutral Net-works Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (BRNN-CNN) toolboxes to extract the key words for construction projects contracts. The results show that a fully automatic platform facilitating contract management is achieved. For academic domains, the Contract Keyword Detection (CKD) mechanism integrating PSENet, CRNN, and BRNN-CNN approaches to cope with real-time massive document flows is novel in the construction industry. For practice, the pro-posed approach brings significant reduction for manpower and human error, an alternative for settling down misunderstanding or disputes due to real-time and precise communication, and a solution for efficient documentary management. It connects all contract stakeholders proficiently. Keywords - Project Management Platform, Natural Language Processing, Interactive Concept, Construction Contract, Keyword Detection