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Bio-Digester System for Effective Environmental Degradation Control

Cities, large and small, generate sizable amounts of solid waste. Solutions to this ravaging environmental problem abound and range from dumping sites and landfills to sophisticate recycling and treatment schemes. Combinations of several alternatives: recycling, waste reduction, waste separation, Incineration, land filling with lixiviate treating and gas energy recovery, and organic waste composting are considered and modeled and the results presented as a contribution for a more rational approach to policy making than the one currently being employed. Anaerobic digestion is most convincing alternative to disposal of waste, due to high energy recovery. The main purpose of research is to design, analyze and justify that, anaerobic digestion is the degradation and destruction of organic substances, with consequent reduction of the odorous emissions and pathogens. It mainly involve a large of bacteria that operate in synergy, catalyzing different chemical reactions, hence the metabolic pathways involved in the anaerobic degradation are quite complex. However there is high demand on alternative fuel in house hold not to mention the threat on the environmental ecosystem for clean and reduced greenhouse gas emission. To overcome this deficiency, the bio gas is to bring an effective mode to minimize the usage of energy. The bio gas generation can provide us energy recovery and sustainable sanitation forever. Hence this work is concentrated towards anaerobic co-digestion of animal waste, organic waste and slurry. Keywords - Biodigester, Domestic Waste Management, Biogas