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Employee Retention and Job Satisfaction of Public Sector School Teachers in Sri Lanka

Job satisfaction is an agreed to favor condition of the workplace that affects both organizational and emotional feelings which employee attitude work friendly. The study objectives are identified the factors of job satisfaction, it’s level and priority of variables in public sector school teachers in Sri Lanka and the demographic factors which are influenced on the variables of job satisfaction of public sector school teachers in Sri Lanka. Further, comparatively male teachers are very less figures as school teachers in Sri Lanka. The statistical tools were adapted to test the study such as average rank analysis, percentage analysis and ANOVA, the test was calculated at the 5% level of significance and all the analyses were carried out using SPSS - 17.0 version. The trends of, negative effectiveness of job satisfaction were displayed in public sector school teachers of Sri Lanka. The study found that respondents are dissatisfied with their services due to the main reason of compensation. Keywords— Compensation, Co-workers, Environment and freedom, Working condition, Welfare facility.