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Political Regimes and Repatriation Programs as Factors of Return Migration in Contemporary Russia

The specificity of return migration in Russia rests on historical backgrounds and since 2006is in large part connected with the intentions of the Russian government to use return migration as a resource of development of regions having increase in population due to low fertility, aging or strong out-migration. The study presented in the article is focused on the analysis of outcomes of the State program of repatriation along with of attitudes of local population toward different political regimes, concerning return migration, studied during social surveys in seven border regions, located in different parts of Russia. It has revealed that general pragmatic orientation of population towards international migration is combined with different political strategies supporting compatriots. Their choice is determined by objective, socio-structural, and subjective, related to culture and education, factors, but their weight and significance differ depending on initial discrepancies in socio-economic, demographic and ethno-cultural characteristics of regional societies. Keywords - Return Migration •Repatriation •Selective Migration Policy •Sustainable Development •Russian Regions• Local Perceptions of Migration Policy Strategies