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Artificial Intelligence & Legal Personality

Throughout history, humans have invented different tools for their assistance. Unlike the past tools, Artificial Intelligence (“Ai”) is a modern-day innovation capable of self-learning and decision-making. Ai's revolutionary abilities of self-learning and decision making, coupled with its increasing use in our daily life, give rise to the questions of its regulation, accountability, and legal recognition. Research and legislation have not kept pace with the development of Ai systems to address these questions. Granting legal personhood to the Ai systems is an approach to address these questions and Ai’s unique capabilities. Analogies of other artificial personalities, especially that of Corporations, support the case of legal personhood for Ai. Since the use of the Ai system is global and transcends any single jurisdiction, an international regulatory framework for Ai legal personhood is required. Development of the Universally Accepted Artificial Intelligence Protocols (“UAAIP”) can serve as the guiding principle. Ai having a legal personality status will pave the way for an identifiable and accountable legal entity. Keywords - AI Legal Personality, AI Artificial Person, AI Accountability, AI Regulations.