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Investigating the Relationship between Physical Education Courses on Mental Health of Students in Sari University, Mazandaran-Iran

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of physical education course on mental health of Sari university students, Mazandaran.A total of 100 students from Sari university were chosen at random as the research sample for this descriptive study. The Goldberg 28-item standard questionnaire of mental health (GHQ-28) was used to collect data, and it had a 0.89 reliability. Cutoff point 23 was used to identify probable cases of mental illnesses. At a significance level of less than 0.05, data were examined using descriptive and inferential statistics (pair t-tests).The average pretest score for students' mental health was (21.86±8.96) and the average post-test scores were (22.55±10.83), according to the data. Before participating in physical education classes (scores above 23), 40.7 percent of participants were suspected of having mental disorders, which decreased to 37 percent by the end of the semester. The dependent t-test results showed no significant difference between students' mental health before and after the general physical education (p> 0.05). The post-test findings revealed a substantial increase in depression symptoms (p>0.05; 2.81±5.64).The research found that participation in general physical education programs had little effect on mental health, and that student depression had increased. As a consequence of the findings of this study, it appears that attention to this topic is required in order to boost students' mental health and increase physical education efficacy. Keywords - Sports Tourism, Media Advertising, Tourism Development, Tourism Marketing, Cultural Tourism.