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Investigating the Effect of Advertising Media on the Development of Sports Tourism in Ardabil Province of Iran

The aim of the research was to find out how media advertising influenced the development of sports tourism in Ardabil province. A descriptive survey based on the structural equation model was used as the research approach (Lisrel). 300 people were randomly selected from the statistical population of the study, which comprised tourist managers, sport management professors, managers, and experts from tourism agencies. The tool was included in a Likert scale-based questionnaire created by the researcher. After the validity and reliability of the questionnaires were confirmed, they were delivered to the individuals.The study's findings revealed that media advertising in Ardabil province's sports tourism played the most important role in the establishment of cultural tourism and the enhancement of the sports economy, as well as the change of public opinion toward sport tourists, the introduction of attractions for sports tourists' attraction, and the development of tourism infrastructure and services. The findings also revealed that media advertising had the least impact on developing a comprehensive sports tourism marketing strategy. As a result, due to their importance in tourism packages, we must pay close attention to advertising and marketing in order to expand sports tourism. Keywords - Sports Tourism, Media Advertising, Tourism Development, Tourism marketing, Cultural Tourism.