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Career Decision Challenges among Trauma Adolescents and their Counterparts: A Systematic Literature Review

The current industrial revolution era has created an enormous impact in the workforce especially on adolescents personal and career development. This systematic literature review article aims at reviewing the challenges encountered by trauma adolescents and their peers in determining their career choice. The review approaches adopted in this paper were the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta Analysis which utilized two (2) main journal databases, namely: Web of Science and Scopus. A total of twenty-one (21) articles ensued the search efforts and were analysed systematically. This review highlights the challenges faced by adolescents generally, in person and in career-related matters, that may lead to career indecision. These findings are more apparent among trauma adolescents as they are at a higher risk of severe career indecision. Hence, career counsellors need to be observant and responsive towards their vulnerability and needs of the current and future surroundings in securing these adolescents’ wellbeing. Keywords - Adolescents, Trauma, Career challenges, Well-being, Systematic Literature Review