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Port Performance Studies in Asian Countries: A Proposal of Systematic Literature Review

Ports play an essential role in the economies of many countries in the Asian region. Thus, the efficiency of ports is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of ports in handling imports and exports between the countries. The standard methods applied inputs of the port characteristics and output of ports throughput for the port technical efficiency measurement; regrettably, the external factor is always neglected in the analysis. Port is a major component in the logistics supply chain system that operates in complex logistics systems and influences by many external factors. Thus, port operation efficiency is determined not only by the port characteristic but also by external factors. This paper systematically reviews seventeen articles to investigate the performance analysis of ports in Asian. The research guided by the PRISMA Statement (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses) method, based on the database from the two most prominent sources of articles, Web of Science and Scopus. The review has identified four main themes on the dimension of port performance, namely operational, customer’s perspective, logistics, and organizational. Other than that, three performance analysis approaches have been identified as preferred by researchers in the Asian context; efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. Keywords - Systematic Review; Asia; Port; Port Efficiency; Data Envelopment Analysis; Determinants