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Organic Food Products: An Analysis of Factors Affecting the Buying Behavior

Consumer behavior being one of the most challenging areas in marketing focuses on the purchasing, consuming and using products and services. Consumer Behavior is largely impacted by social, psychological, cultural and personal factors. In the recent years the trend towards the consumption of organic foods has grown largely. Organic Foods have been long perceived as more nutritious, health and nature friendly compared to conventional foods. Although, Organic Foods come for a price which is expensive than any other conventional foods, people are willing to pay the premium price. This study aims to analyze the factors that influence that buying behavior of a consumer when s/he purchases an organic food product. This study uses factor analysis, independent t-test, ANOVA multiple linear regression, and hierarchical multiple regression analysis techniques to confirm the results from the data that has been collected. This study confirms that factors like health consciousness knowledge, subjectivenorms, and pricearesome ofthefactorsthat majorlyinfluencethe consumerattitude towardsorganicfoodproducts. Other thantheconfirmedfactors ‘availability’isanother factor that affectstheconsumer attitude. One caninferfrom the obtainedresults thatthesefactorsnot only influence consumer attitude towards the organic food products but it also influences the buyingbehavioroftheconsumer.Further,factorssuchasage,educationandincomearealso some of the major factors that have an impact on actual buying behavior. This Study further provides for a better understanding of a consumer’s attitude, buying behavior and purchase intentions towards organic foods industry as a whole. The findings of the study have their implications for companies of organic food industry, retailers and regulatory agencies in the market. Towards the end, this study also provides for guidelines and suggestions for retailers and marketers who are dealing with the organic foods and aim at expanding the organic food market. Keywords - Organic Foods, Consumer Behavior, Consumer attitude, Buying Behavior, Influence.