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Elimination of Medical Compounds and Endocrine Disruptors from Water by different Membrane Processes

Drinking water treatment plants comply with standard acceptable levels of contaminants, however, conventional water treatment methods are not entirely effective at removing some specific pollutants such as non-metabolised drugs or endocrine disruptors. Highly efficient membrane materials were tested in selective separation of several contaminants from water, such as Tetracycline, Trimethoprim, Sulfamethoxazole, Diethyl phthalate or Ibuprofen by pertraction/pervaporation and compared to Nano filtration process. Monitoring of the separation procesess was provided by HPLC analysis. Whichever the treatment process is – adsorption methods or the membrane technologies – stable analyses of often very small amounts of pollutants are indispensable. The results revealed some differences among the pollutants elimination effectivity. However, all pollutants can be successfully treated by proposed membrane technology. These processes can be used for other pollutants respectively. Keywords - Medical Compounds; Water Treatment, Membrane Processes.