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The Importance of Clustering in Regional Development

Clustering is the concentration of a group of production or service enterprises, relevant economic actors, and institutions in a certain geographical location, showing specialization, producing added value, being close to each other, and creating a synergy resulting from these mutual proximities and connections. By globalization, the appearance of an integrated and homogeneous structure of economies has brought clustering approaches to the fore in regional development approaches. In this context, the basic elements of industrial clustering are vertical or horizontal complementarity in mass production based on sectoral specialization; flexible production relations; agglomeration economies or collective efficiency; geographic proximity, local or regional concentration; SME qualified small-scale companies; cultural homogeneity, similar business structures and production systems with an atmosphere of cooperation and trust; production, trade and employment sharing, etc. between enterprises. can be sorted. In this study, in order to reveal the effect of industrial clustering on regional development, a Three Star Analysis was carried out on the shotgun cluster located in Beyşehir, Konya. As a result of the research, it has been determined that the said cluster has a positive and strong effect on regional development, especially in export. On the other hand, the shotgun cluster in Beyşehir; has been seen that has an indicator far above the Turkey average in terms of added value, employment, size, dominance, and specialization. Keywords - Regional Development, Clustering, Three Star Analysis, Beysehir.