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The Influence of Digital Marketing on Online Buying Behavior

With technological development, there is consumption through the online channel, e-Commerce. Complemented to this consumption, Digital Marketing appears, bringing new tools that enable associations to have greater interaction with the consumer, bringing relationships together, as well as greater data collection, in order to verify the needs of each individual, managing to be effectively applied and respond quickly. In contribution, Digital Marketing severely affects online buying behavior. The purpose of this study is to understand and deepen the influence that Digital Marketing exerts on purchasing behavior in the fashion/beauty sectors; food and beverage products and categories of equipment for domestic use (computer/appliance sector) through the online channel, analyzing the reasons, motivations and digital influences for it, taking into account the intention of repeat purchases, stratifying by adult generations. In order to support this objective, a questionnaire survey was constructed and research hypotheses were defined to prove (or not) the existence of a relationship between the variables under study. Keywords - Digital Marketing; E-Commerce; Online Channel; Buying behavior; Reasons and Motivations to Buy.