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A Deadlock-Free Route Reservation Method For Automatized Decentralized Controlled Transportation In High Complex Distribution Centers

This paper introduces a method for finding a deadlock free route in decentralized organized high complex transportation system with an example of a distribution center.These systems distinguish themselves by their complexity in transportation more specific in blocking and jamming of transportation goods during runtime.Furthermore, the decentralized control structure ensures more flexibility and a better scalability but lacks in information collecting. This heterarchical approach need a routing method capable in operating autonomously with local information and information collection by communication. Current approach focus on hierarchical structure by collecting data during runtime and defining a transportation plan at specific times. The introduced method allows an only routing based on dynamic system structure and calculating partial path during runtime based on current local information. This enables a high throughput by considering changes in transportation like time changes. Index Terms- Computer engineering, Information engineering, Mechanical engineering, Software engineering.