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A Water Soluble Nano Bacterially Reduced Graphene Oxide Manganese (Ii) Complex Showing Significant Growth In Arabidopsis Thaliana And In Tomato

Carbon nanoparticles are useful in diverse fields of science and have been recognized by the award two Nobel prizes (1985 and 2010) [1]. Their interesting electrical, mechanical, electronic properties are used in device making, materials science, biological and the biotechnological sciences [2]. Graphene continues to be a hot topic due to its unusual mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, etc. Nanocarbon materials have not reached their true potential due to the limited solubility in common organic solvents. This paper describes heating an aryl azide with bacterially reduced Graphene oxide at 170-180O C in ortho-dicholobenzene [3]. This is followed by KMnO4 oxidation to make RGO water soluble. The title compound RGO-Mn (II) complex has been characterized using UV-Visible, FT-IR, Zeta size, TEM, EPR, etc. This has been tested in the model plant, Arabidopsis Thaliana and plant growth activity has been evaluated and it is proposed that enhanced Auxin levels helps in growth promoting activity [4]. Green house studies done on Tomato plant showed significant growth promoting ability at a concentration of 50 ┬ÁM. Keywords - Reduced Graphene Oxide, Aryl azide, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), Bacterial Reduction