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Racism and Social Work

Society is changing rapidly and new challenges influence the welfare state and impact social work research. Millions of people around the world are targets of racism and there are different debates about who should be concerned with the implications of this problem. Considering that, we will explore and discus about issues of “race”, racism and anti-racist social work practice. In the introductory part of lesson, we will elaborate a history of “race” and racism We are also discus about stereotypes and prejudices which represent one of the most important elements of racism. Around that, institutional racism has recognized as a serious problem in the field of social work and its systematically lead to unequal results for certain groups of people and there is a need to be considered in this context. In the continuation of the presentation it will be highlithed three main preconditions for anti-racist social practices: ethnic sensitivity, empowerment and culutral competence. In the last part of presentation it will be shown the significance of the various structural programs, training and actions of social workers, but it also emphasize the work on their own value system. After that, we left room for discussion about eventual improvement and reduction of this phenomenon in social work practice. Keywords - Racism, Race, Culture, Social Work and Social Workers.