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Sterile Motif Alpha Domain Containing 3 (SMAD-3) Genes as Marker of Treating assessment of The Induced Infertility with “HerbaLeonuri (HL)” and “Radix SalviaeMeltiorrhizae(RSM)”of Female Rats

The study aimed to prove the Sterile motif alpha domain containing 3 (Smad3) gene a marker of infertility treatment with (herbaleonuri and Radix salviaemeltiorrhizae)of female rats. 72 females of Wister rats were participated in this work, 6 groups, (n=12) of each (Normal, and the other 60 females rats were induced infertility by intraperitoneal injection of CdCl2, rats were randomly divided into 5 groups (RSM; HL; Mix herbs (1:1), Vit. E (control +ve), infertile group. Serum samples were used to estimate FSH, E2 hormones, while ovarian tissue usedinqReal time –PCR for detection the quantitative expression of SMAD-3 gene. The results of E2, after CdCl2 injections showed sharply decrease (P<0.05) recorded, after 4 days of treatment showed increased, the animals mixed herbs (HL and RSM) group revealed higher levels at 8 days treatment. FSH recorded statistically increase was significant (P<0.05)after CdCl2 injection, but FSH showed decrease after 8 days specially in mixed herbs groups P<0.05. The gene expression of Smad3 of the ovarian tissue decreased significantly P<0.05 in infertile rats after CdCl2 injections. Increase expression appeared after 4 days but 8 days treatment revealed increase Smad3 genes expression of animals of mixed herbs treatment showed higher increased expression of genes. The study proved that SMAD-3 represent potent marker of fertility repairing correlated with hormones influence the ovarian functions, the study highlights Herbaleonuri and Radix salviaemiltiorrhizae provided optimum treatment of female infertility Keywords - Infertility, E2, FSH, SAMD-3, HL, RSM