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A Baseline Study on The Patient Care Situation in Davao Del Sur During Covid – 19 Pandemic

This study aimed to provide baseline data on the implementation of patient care services in the different health care service providers in the Province of Davao del Sur during the COVID – 19 pandemic. Specifically, it aimed to describe these services' existence in terms of communication, medication information, nursing services, doctor services, contact with the Next – of – Kin, information future complaints, and organization. This study employed a descriptive research design with a total of 1084 respondents. Ten (10) participants were chosen to participate in the qualitative interview. Based on the descriptive analysis of data, respondents expressed their strong agreement that they have positive experiences during their hospital admission. Patients were properly communicated, informed on the undergoing medications, informed on the different examinations, felt the care of nurses, sensed the expertise of the attending physician, accommodated their next-of-kin well, educated on the after-admission undertaking, and satisfied in the hospital organization, especially on their availment on the different health care support like PhilHealth, Lingap, DSWD, and PCSO. In comparison, respondents who were admitted to a private hospital expressed higher satisfaction than those in the public hospital. Furthermore, in terms of room type, private room type patients expressed the highest satisfaction among other rooms (semi-private and general ward). Thus, based on the descriptive findings, an action plan is recommended to intensify information and education campaigns about the patients` rights and enhance the continuing quality improvement of medical and health facilities through the lens of patient`s rights. Keywords - Patient Care, Medical Health Care, Descriptive, Davao Del Sur, COVID-19