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The Agile Organization : Scrum for Developing Online Strategy of Small and Medium Enterprise Base on Customer Satisfaction

As a Small and Medium Enterprise that wants to grow, a company should have a competitive advantage compared to their competitors. One of the ways to find out competitive advantage is to understand the indicators that affect customer satisfaction. Not only external factors from the customer side, the internal factors must also become a concern for the company. In this era, it’s very important to become an agile organization that is ready to adapt to face fast iterations. This paper proposes to show how a company can use scrum method to run and develop non software projects, in this case the researcher uses an online grocery company and uses their customer satisfaction assessment as the main guideline to make the strategic priority. The results show there’s four service points that still need to improved, on the result there’s detailed plan suggestions about the activities, indicator, requirement for each service point, the success factor for the agile organization and also the guideline for the company to run the scrum with the clear goals, product backlog, sprint backlog until the role of the members details. The result of this research could help other businesses in the same industry to make online business development strategies as an agile organization especially using scrum method. Keywords - Scrum, Agile Organization, Online Strategy, Business Development, Customer Satisfaction.