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Employee Welfare and Wellbeing of Workers in Food Processing Industries: Implementation Factors

The desire to be happy is very normal in human life. The needs of every human being must be met. This state of mind in which his needs have been met and he feels satisfied as happiness. This extends to all facets of life, be it in the family, community, relationships or even the workplace. An individual would only feel like working if he had a good working environment. The management must ensure that the working environment is properly managed. "Quality of Work Life" is the positive or negative atmosphere in which person works. The atmosphere and its efficiency play an important role in ensuring employees ' satisfaction. This in turn influences the efficiency and productivity of the employees. In this study the researcher seeks to examine the quality of life of food industry employees. The researcher will examine the employees' level of satisfaction with their jobs, relationships with management, work satisfaction levels, etc. To pick the samples, simple random sampling was conducted. The data were collected using a questionnaire and analysis was conducted according to the collected data. Necessary recommendations are often identified to enhance job satisfaction for employees. Keywords - Employee welfare, Satisfaction, Work Environment, Well Being, Sustainability