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Impact assessment of Industrial Exhibitions on the Buying Decision of Customers

Marketing of industrial products has been challenging and needs a methodical approach. Manufacturers require much more depth of knowledge of the trend and should be able to read the pulse of the buyers from time to time. The buying process is dynamic in this sector and requires a judicious approach while applying techniques of convincing customers based on technical parameters. Industrial products are procured based upon technical specifications to suit the exact application of the buyer. Stringent international standards are sometimes required to be followed while specifying the product and shortlisting of vendors is carried out based on the capability of providing products suiting to these standards. Industrial Exhibitions are helpful to the manufacturers in sharing the details of product range and interacting with the prospective customers. An effort has been made to assess the impact of Industrial exhibitions on buying behaviour of customers. This has been done by carrying out a detailed study with the help of available literature and an empirical survey with the actual buyers in the market. Keywords - B2B, Product Promotion, Marketing Leads, Product Launch, Buying Behaviour, Conference, Country Pavilions.