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Integration of Intelligent Features by Model-Based Systems Engineering

The conceivable development of communication and information technology (ICT) opens up fascinating perspectives which move far beyond current standards of mechatronics: mechatronic systems having inherent partial intelligence. We call such systems intelligent systems. Intelligent technical systems are adaptive, robust, anticipatory and user-friendly. The development of this systems is characterized by an increasing involvement of non-technical disciplines e.g. cognitive science, machine learning or mathematical optimization. Mechanical engineering and related industrial sectors are already on the way to intelligent technical systems. In order to provide companies from mechanical engineering with the knowledge to integrate intelligence into the systems, the knowledge has to be transferred from research to the companies. Therefore, we developed a methodology for the model-based integration of intelligent features in mechatronic systems, which supports engineers in a systematic way.The methodology consists of a procedure model and methods for the identification of demands to change the current system. Within this paper also the usage of the methodology is shown based on the case example of a dedusting system. Index Terms- Intelligent Technical Systems, Systems Engineering, Mechatronics, Self-Optimization